smooth1 W3 [smu:ð] adj comparative smoother superlative smoothest
2¦(happening without problems)¦
5¦(liquid mixture)¦
[: Old English; Origin: smoth]
1.) ¦(SURFACE)¦
a smooth surface has no rough parts, lumps, or holes, especially in a way that is pleasant and attractive to touch
≠ ↑rough
Her skin felt smooth and cool.
a smooth pebble
The stone steps had been worn smooth .
happening or operating successfully, without any problems
smooth running/operation
Sarah is responsible for the smooth running of the sales department.
The new government has promised a smooth transition of power.
go smoothly atsmoothly
3.) ¦(MOVEMENT)¦ [only before noun]
with no sudden movements or changes of direction, especially in a way that is graceful or comfortable
Swing the tennis racquet in one smooth motion.
The jet made a smooth landing.
smooth flight/ride
(=a comfortable trip in an airplane or car)
It wasn't a very smooth ride.
4.) ¦(PERSON)¦
someone who is smooth is polite, confident, and relaxed, but is often not sincere
a smooth salesmen
He was a smooth talker .
George is a smooth operator (=someone who does things in a smooth way) .
a liquid mixture that is smooth has no big pieces in it
≠ ↑lumpy
Beat the eggs and flour until they are smooth.
6.) ¦(SOUND)¦
a voice or music that is smooth is soft and pleasant to listen to
smooth jazz
He has one of those silky smooth (=very smooth) voices.
7.) ¦(TASTE)¦
a drink such as wine, coffee, ↑whisky, or beer that is smooth is not bitter but tastes pleasant
a smooth full-bodied wine
>smoothness n [U]
the smoothness of his skin
smooth 2
smooth2 v [T]
1.) to make something such as cloth or hair flat by moving your hands across it
Liz smoothed her skirt and sat down.
smooth sth back/down
She smoothed back her hair.
2.) also smooth down
to make a rough surface flat and even
The wood was smoothed and trimmed to size.
Smooth down all the surfaces before you start painting.
3.) [always + adverb/preposition]
to rub a liquid, cream etc gently over a surface or into a surface
smooth sth into/over sth
She smoothed suntan lotion over her legs.
4.) smooth the way/path for sth
to make it easier for something to happen, by dealing with any problems first
Staff helped smooth the way for the new administration.
smooth away [smooth sth<=>away] phr v
to get rid of problems or difficulties
A few objections have to be smoothed away before we can start the project.
smooth out [smooth sth<=>out] phr v
1.) to make something such as paper or cloth flat by moving your hands across it
They smoothed out the map on the table.
Smooth out all the wrinkles.
2.) to make something happen in an even, regular way
Sometimes central banks intervene to smooth out price fluctuations.
3.) to get rid of problems or difficulties
smooth over [smooth sth<=>over] phr v
if you smooth over problems, difficulties etc, you make them seem less serious and easier to control, especially by talking to the people who are involved in the problem
Sally managed to smooth over the bad feelings between them.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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